AI-powered hotel guest communication for Guestline users

Whatsapp-integrated, proactive guest communications and smart upsells to increase revenue per booking

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Results achieved for hotel's


More guest response


Guest satisfaction


Less administrative tasks


Higher upsell on average per room

Integrate Runnr.ai with Guestline increase guest satisfaction amd response rates and reduce workload for front deskSome Text

"At Hotel Amsterdam De Roode Leeuw, we prioritize guest satisfaction! With runnr.ai seamlessly integrated with Guestline, we are able to address administrative questions, easing the load on our front desk and provide great guest experiences"
Hotel Manager

Features that you can expect

Combine multiple channels

Start with one WhatsApp, analyse its impact, then seamlessly integrate others channels like booking.com or a website widget

Customise communication

Formal/informal communication communicate in a way that aligns with your hotel’s brand 

Handover from AI to human

Work hybrid let AI solve all the FAQ and repetitive tasks and let your human front desk take over the more important requests

Manage and reply from one central inbox

Remove the hassle of using multiple channels and multiple inboxes centralize everything for your front desk

Go from first booking to happy guest

Proactively reach out post reservation to your guest

Make sure your guest’s has now questions pre checkin

Make sure your guest had a pleasant stay post checkout 

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