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Strandhotel Seeduyn, located on the picturesque beach of Vlieland, has long been dedicated to providing the highest level of service to its guests. Carola Pieper, the hotel manager with 20 years of experience, has seen the hotel evolve from basic operations to a sophisticated service provider. Together with Tamara their senior receptionist they are responsible of the hotel’s guest communication Recently, the hotel has adopted to enhance guest interaction and streamline operations.

Streamlining Guest Queries and Personalization

Prior to implementing, the staff at Strandhotel Seeduyn were faced with numerous repetitive requests on a daily basis, often related to local logistics such as parking requests and assistance with luggage. To address these challenges and improve operational efficiency, Strandhotel Seeduyn decided to integrate, which has been in use for nearly a year. The system needed occasional adjustments and proper inputs to fit the hotel’s specific needs, especially given the unique island context.

Choosing Why It Makes Sense for Strandhotel Seeduyn

Carola chose for its ability to reduce repetitive calls and provide interactive, instant responses to guest queries via WhatsApp. This change not only decreased the volume of phone calls but also allowed for more personalized guest interactions. Guests could receive precise information about their stay, including luggage services and local transportation options, without overwhelming the front desk staff.

Implementation and Integration

The implementation process of involved customizing the system to accommodate 14 different room types and ensuring that it could distinguish between various guest needs. Despite the complexity, the customer success team at was instrumental in resolving issues promptly, often within 24 hours.

Impact on Hotel Operations

64.5% of guests positively interact with

Since integrating, Strandhotel Seeduyn has observed a significant reduction in call volume, allowing staff to focus more on in-person guest interactions. The system’s ability to handle frequent questions about local services has been particularly valuable, enhancing the overall guest experience by providing timely and accurate information.

The Future with

Carola is excited about the potential for expanding’s capabilities, particularly in the areas of upselling and pre-arrival communications. She envisions introducing options like green stays during the check-in process, which would encourage environmentally friendly practices from the outset. The entire reception team, comprising 4-5 people per day, uses, making it an integral part of daily operations at Strandhotel Seeduyn

Feedback and Expectations

While has received positive feedback, with only a handful of guests expressing reservations, Carola sees room for further improvements. She looks forward to enhancements in pre-arrival settings and continued support for unique guest needs. has released their web chat widget to address pre-arrival questions from guests.

Overall Satisfaction

Carola highly recommends to other hotel managers, highlighting its ability to make work easier for front office employees by reducing the volume of calls and emails. The system not only saves time but also fosters a more interactive and enjoyable experience for guests as their staff have more time to talk with them in person.

Conclusion has become a vital component of Strandhotel Seeduyn’s operations, simplifying communication and boosting guest satisfaction. As the hotel continues to innovate and improve, remains a crucial partner in delivering exceptional service and enhancing the overall guest journey.

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