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Your virtual hotel concierge, that helps improve guest experience, reduce workload for hotel staff and increase revenue per room

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A better way to communicate with your guests

Leverage WhatsApp’s 98% open rate to effectively engage and communicate with over 65% of your guests.

Delight your guests

Enhance guest experiences by sending personalized messages via WhatsApp, positively impacting over 90% of stays

Time and cost savings

Use for automated first-line support, freeing your team to focus on pivotal tasks and improve hotel operations

Upselling and revenue generation​

Employ to suggest timely upsells to guests, boosting revenue by up to 5% per booking

Seamless intergrations

Easily blend our platform with your current systems to provide an all-in-one solution for each part of your guest’s hotel experience.


Processed Dialogues


Customer Satisfaction


Extra Revenue per Booking


Minutes Saved per Booking

What hotels say about us

Why hotels use conversational, automated guest engagement

Accessible and relevant guest communication

With, you won’t overwhelm your guests with all the details about your hotel or offers. Using WhatsApp, it starts a chat with your guest and provides information exactly suiting their needs.

Proactive WhatsApp messaging

Stay in touch with your guests – from before they arrive until after they leave.


You don’t have to worry about language differences anymore! Your guests can chat in a language they’re comfortable with, using auto-translate for both sides

Inbox’s inbox lets hotels easily jump into chats with guests when needed.

It gives your guests a seamless chat experience and lets the hotel staff sort out tricky questions and requests.

Customer insights

Our dashboard shows you how much your guests are interacting, how many messages you’re getting, frequently asked questions, requested services, and how much profit you’re making from additional services.

Richard  – a happy guest staying at Hotel Jakarta


“Very helpful and easy to navigate. Have never had that type of service before with any booking – extremely impressed and so excited for my stay in the hotel. “

Easy onboarding

Think of getting started with as bringing a new staff member onboard at your hotel. The best part? It takes no more than 60 minutes.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. 30 min: fill out a simple questionnaire about your hotel.
  2. 15 min: connect to your property management system.
  3. 10 min: test the AI and turn it on!

After that, you can tweak the information as needed by  observing guest chats to make sure everything is on point for a smooth guest experience.

Maurits Bots  – IT Manager at WestCord Hotels


“Per hotel it took only one hour to get up and running, and about half an hour to show the team how it works. We did this for 17 hotels, and everything went smoothly without causing any issues.”

Get started!

Transparent pricing

  • Monthly subscription

    Price per room, per month

  • Yearly subscription

    Price per room, per month

  • Integrations

    Unlimited integrations

  • Onboarding

    It only takes 60 minutes!

  • WhatsApp fees

    Fee per conversation*


Minimum monthly fee: €75

*Whatsapp fees; charged monthly as incurred. Conversations consist of 24-hour periods with unlimited messages for guests and accommodations.

Mascha Smit  – Owner of HIM +
(5 hotels) 


“By leveraging, we empower effortless guest facilitation via a singular platform, liberating our staff to dedicate more time to meaningful guest interactions.”

All first-line guest communication automated. Delight your guests, scalable.