Conversational AI for everyday guest communication

Virtual hotel concierge who improves guest experience, reduces front desk workload and automates upsells

Run your hotel with ease

Whatsapp’s 98% open rate keeps the guest engaged with your services at all times

Guest centric approach stands out by enhancing both hotel operations and guest experience, with a strong priority on delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Advanced AI capabilities

Understand your guest’s sentiments and respond according to their needs.

Seamless integrations

Integrate with your PMS and other hotel-tech applications for frictionless experience.

Customize completely

Tailored to your hotel’s brand voice and guest preferences.


Don’t worry about language differences; auto-translates for both sides.

Proactive messaging

Stay in touch with your guests throughout the guest journey.

Messaging dashboard

Easily jump into chats with guests to answer tricky questions and requests.

Guest analytics

See how the stats stack up, from interactions and requests to FAQs and profits.

Accessible, personalized guest communication talks to your guests via WhatsApp and personalizes information to suit their preferences – no front desk intervention necessary.


WhatsApp deliverability


Minutes saved per booking

 up to €50

Incremental revenue per room per month


Guest responses via AI  

What hoteliers say about us

Why hotels love our automated guest engagement platform

The new standard for guest communication— Start the conversation on us.

Easy onboarding

 The best part? It takes no more than 30 minutes.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. 20 min: fill out a simple questionnaire about your hotel.
  2. 3 min: connect to your property management system.
  3. 7 min: test the AI and turn it on!

After that, you can tweak the information as needed by  observing guest chats to make sure everything is on point for a smooth guest experience.

Maurits Bots  – IT Manager at WestCord Hotels


“Per hotel it took only one hour to get up and running, and about half an hour to show the team how it works. We did this for 17 hotels, and everything went smoothly without causing any issues.”

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