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YUST, located in the heart of Antwerp and Liége, combines the warmth of community living with modern accommodations. As a hub for cultural exchange and innovation in hospitality, YUST offers a variety of flexible living arrangements—from stylish short stays to curated long-term residences—each designed to foster connections among like-minded individuals who cherish new food, art, and music experiences.
For those intrigued by YUST’s unique blend of hospitality and innovation, more information is available on their website YUST.

Simplifying Guest Communication

Dirk Van Gompel, hospitality tech expert at YUST, faces a challenge; in streamlining interactions between guests and staff.

Before implementing, staff at Hotel Yust were often repeating the same information to guests multiple times a day. Dirk’s goal for getting started was to improve guest experience while enhancing operational efficiency, and potentially merge other tools into 1 to simplify operations.

Choosing Why it makes sense for Yust

Dirk chose for its innovative hybrid functionality, which allows guests to communicate through their preferred channels, like WhatsApp. 

This adaptability meant guests could receive all necessary information in one place, reducing the need for repetitive phone calls and in-person inquiries. The potential for upselling through seamless communication was also a decisive factor.

Hybrid functionality front desk receives a message once there is a request, question or upsell that the AI is unable to resolve.

Impact on Hotel Operations

Since integrating, Hotel Yust has maintained its operational standards while significantly boosting efficiency. The hotel has seen a reduction in phone calls, indicating that guests are embracing the new communication method. This shift not only frees up staff time but also enhances the guest experience by providing information swiftly and conveniently.

The Future with

Looking ahead, Dirk is enthusiastic about the possibilities of expanding upselling capabilities with He anticipates even more tailored communication options that could potentially replace other tools currently in use. Moreover, Dirk sees a future where guests choose how and when they want to be contacted, further personalising their experience.

Feedback and Expectations

Despite the successes, Dirk hopes for improvements in the system. He suggests enhancements such as detailed analytics, user management features, and two-factor authentication to ensure a secure and efficient use of the platform.

Overall Satisfaction

Dirk rates his satisfaction with at a high 9 out of 10, commending its impact but looking forward to future upgrades that will make even more indispensable to Hotel Yust.

Conclusion has proven to be a valuable addition to Hotel Yust’s technology ecosystem. It has simplified communications, enhanced guest satisfaction, and opened new avenues for service improvement. As Hotel Yust continues to innovate and improve, remains a crucial partner in their journey towards exceptional guest service.

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