7 Proven Ways to Improve Hotel Guest Communications

Over the past thirty years, hotel guest communication has evolved significantly in the hospitality industry. From the emergence of mobile phones, email, social media, and chat rooms to the introduction of guest apps, chatbots and kiosks,  the landscape has transformed. 

This evolution presents an interesting case for hotel communications —it’s strategic, it’s tactical, and it holds the power to shape a hotel’s industry position in the long run.

With tremendous changes in technology, we believe it’s time to interpret and understand them in the context of modern communications. As in recent years, we’ve encountered numerous claims of groundbreaking technologies set to revolutionise the world. While we approach these claims with a hint of scepticism, our experience in the hospitality and technology sectors also prepares us to drown out the noises and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Choosing the wrong technology can still lead to poor guest engagement, even if it’s on fancy platforms or devices. As hospitality professionals, we know how to best create and enhance guest experiences; working with trusted innovators, we can harness the power of technology to achieve this goal.

7 Proven Methods to Improve Hotel Guest Communications

1. Create Authentic Communication Touch Points

Crafting a strategic design of guest communication touch points is a crucial task, especially as human guest communications become less common nowadays. Rather than viewing new technology as a threat, new advances such as conversational AI offer service staff the opportunity to focus on meaningful tasks and spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks, opening up opportunities for us to streamline our guest communications. 

While designing the touch points, you may start out by mapping guest journey stages, various points of interactions, and defining objectives – while leaving repetitive interactions to the virtual concierge which we will discuss in the last point. 

2. Deliver the Right Offer at the Right Time 

Personalization is a crucial element in successful guest communication. Guests feel valued when their preferences, whether it’s room temperature, pillow type, or dining choices, are remembered and catered to. By using technology to gather guest data points ethically and securely, hotels can craft customised experiences that make a lasting impact and identify cross-selling opportunities that are highly relevant to your guest’s needs.

3.Break Down the Language Barrier 

Thanks to the arrival of ground-breaking technology, we can now transform all hotel guest communications into your guest’s preferred language. The development team at Runnr.ai shattered language barriers with the brand-new omni-language support which allows users (front-desk personnels and guests) to communicate in their native languages.

Such seamless, real-time translation has the ability to reconstruct hotel communications for years to come – great news for tourists who do not speak English as their first language. 

4. Respond Promptly to Online Reviews 

The Millenials and Gen Z’s are among many others to regard online review forums a must-check before making any purchases. According to research on customer reviews, 92.4% of consumers use reviews to guide most of their purchasing decisions. BrightLocal’s local consumer research shows that consumers are 41% more likely to use a business that responds to all of its reviews than a business that doesn’t respond to any.

AI-powered sentiment analysis features by Runnr.ai enable hotels to predict the incoming reviews. (Yes, believe it) If a guest expresses dissatisfaction with a service, hotels can make a huge impact on their brand reputation by reaching out with a personalised inquiry, seeking to rectify the issue and demonstrate a commitment to guest satisfaction. 

Guests who leave glowing reviews or express positive sentiments can receive follow-up communications, such as a thank-you message or a request for a review on popular platforms – making them loyal customers.

Incorporating sentimental analysis into guest communication strategies not only enhances guest satisfaction but also empowers hotels to proactively address issues and cultivate stronger guest relationships. 

5. Embrace Your Signature Voice 

Your guests should instantly recognise your brand’s voice in every interaction, be it an email, welcome message or social media post.

Start by defining your hotel’s unique personality traits. Are you a luxury boutique with a focus on elegance and sophistication? Or perhaps a cosy bed and breakfast that exudes warmth and charm? Whatever your brand essence, let it shine through in your communications.

Consistency is key. Whether it’s a playful, friendly tone or a formal, professional voice, make sure it’s consistent across all communication touch points.

6. Choose the Right Communication Channel 

Statistics show that different communication channels have a huge contrast in engagement rate. By a mile that is! For example, Whatsapp has a 99% open rate whereas email lags at 21%. With its instant, intimate nature, Whatsapp stands out with a whopping 45-60% click-through rate. Email? At 2-5%. 

Compared to e-mail, Whatsapp has significantly less clutter and higher user engagement rate, making it ideal for reaching guests and upselling services.

Similarly, downloading a new guest app every time you stay at a hotel will hurt your mobile storage and potentially data privacy. Why not just use Whatsapp? It provides a consistent level of encryption and protection for your communications and data while simplicity at its max.  

Runnr.ai’s virtual concierge integrates seamlessly into most property management systems and uses Whatsapp as their communication channel. Sign up for a free trial right now. You decide if it’s a game-changer as our clients testify. 

8. Employ a Virtual Concierge

Why not use the virtual concierge if it significantly reduces the workload for the front desk? Not only that, Runnr.ai’s virtual concierge can assist your guests with their questions and enquiries 24/7 within a moment. Talk about futuristic guest communications! 

Tourist attractions? Taxi services? Breakfast bookings? Accessible to all at their fingertips. Efficiency is key in hotel guest communications. Ask, and the chatbot shall answer; seek, and the guest shall find.

With Runnr.ai, the communications touch points are strategically placed, the conversations modestly streamlined and the guests proactively engaged. With automation comes reduced workload in answering repetitive questions at the front desk, followed by enhanced hotel guest communications.

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