Success Story: Saillant hotel

Success story: Saillant Hotels add AI to their guest communication

Attracting staff with flair and love for hospitality

Saillant Hotels is a collection of 4  unique hotels, all located in the beautiful hilly landscape of South Limburg. When you stay at Saillant, you’re guaranteed a wonderful experience. The Saillant Hotels are the ideal starting point for a gastronomic weekend, a delightful walking or cycling holiday, or a spontaneous last-minute getaway.  They offer  hotel packages to improve the guest experience. Saillant hotels focus on their guests was facing a challenge which was to remain a hospitality-first hotel that was attracting staff with flair and love for hospitality. 


The need to evolve and reduce stress for front desk

The Saillant Collection faced an important challenge: attracting staff with a flair and love for hospitality was a battle, and the push for digitalization was no longer a luxury but a necessity. With four unique hotels housing 95 rooms and 250 beds, they recognized a critical need to evolve. They streamlined back office, reducing their our reliance on full-time staff, but they required to a way to reduce stress for the front desk but still maintain or even increase the guest experience. 


saillant hotel room

We needed more than just automation we needed a communication revolution

The breakthrough came with Initially, Robert Wilmms: “I was skeptical, hesitant to add another layer to our tech stack during such turbulent times. But as administrative queries piled up, the need for an efficient, human-centric solution became undeniable. We needed more than just automation; we needed a communication revolution. So we embarked on a pilot with, and within three weeks, we saw such a dramatic shift in our guest interactions and staff efficiency that rolling it out across all locations was the only logical step. Our guests now enjoy personalized service right from their smartphones, and our staff can focus on what they do best—creating memorable experiences.”

The results were immediate

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Enhanced guest experience:  Automated check-ins and improved communication channels like WhatsApp and sentiment analysis for Google reviews elevated guest satisfaction.

Operational efficiency: With fewer administrative tasks to be handled, the focus shifted to guest services, leading to better staff allocation and reduced administrative workload. Enabling staff to focus on the guest experience

Positive feedback: The new system brought a notable increase in positive online reviews and nearly eliminated complaints overall 

Guest engagement


Message sent through WhatsApp


Average on last 30 days 

Our trial with quickly demonstrated its value. Watching our staff engage with guests, unburdened by menial tasks, was a revelation. It was evident after three weeks—this is how modern hotels should operate.

Continue automating additional services towards the future

Saillant Hotel now looks to further incorporate with With aspirations to automate additional services like upselling, restaurant bookings, automated activity bookings, guest specific customizations and much more 


"Seeing our staff more relaxed and focused on service, rather than paperwork, confirms we made the right choice with It's not just a tool; it's a game-changer for our work environment."

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