Success Story: Hotel Jakarta

Success story: How Hotel Jakarta improved guest satisfaction

The challenge

Hotel Jakarta prides itself on personalized guest interaction, but faced a challenge in managing time-intensive, direct communication effectively. The front desk was overwhelmed with routine queries, which distracted from their ability to provide great personalized service and support to the team.


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The solution’s integration has revolutionized the communication at Hotel Jakarta. By handling standard queries, has empowered the front desk to focus on enhancing guest experiences, delivering on the hotel’s promise of personal attention. With tools like  automated guest guest communication, pro-active upselling and predictive guest analysis, the staff can now devote more time to guests, improving satisfaction and efficiency. 

An extremely accessible and cost-effective way to pay more attention to guests.

Our results talk more than words

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Guest Engagement
With, the hotel saw a noticeable uptick in guest interaction, reflecting the ease and immediacy of the automated communication system.

Operational Efficiency
The front desk experienced a shift from administrative tasks to guest-centric activities, showcasing’s impact on operational workflow.

Recommendation Rates
The increase in positive online reviews and direct compliments from guests attests to the success of’s integration, with Hotel Jakarta staff highly recommending the system.

Guest engagement


incremental value per room


Bookings Served


"Using was new for us and took some getting used to. We had to teach the team and change how we work, but now we see it was worth it. We really like It makes talking to guests easy and fast. At the beginning, I asked Michiel many questions to learn how everything works. Now, is part of our daily work and helps us a lot."

Future outlook

Hotel Jakarta looks forward to advancing their guest service technology with, exploring innovations like QR code integrations for an even more seamless guest experience. They are committed to bridging the gap between traditional hospitality and modern communication technology. is an extremely accessible and cost-effective way to pay more attention to guests.

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