The Role of AI in Making a Modern Hotel Experience

Consider that Wi-Fi, which was once a luxury, is now an absolute necessity in hotels. This example highlights the evolution of guest preferences alongside technology. Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s expectation – a standard and a given. Using AI in hospitality follows the same trajectory. 

In order to understand such a pivotal role of AI in shaping the modern hotel experience, we’ll look into the current AI features in use and those on the horizon, empowering hoteliers to achieve the perfect blend of technology and hospitality excellence. By embracing innovation as an early adopter, hotels not only set the standard for guest expectations, but also position themselves at the forefront of the evolution of the industry, fostering a reputation for forward-thinking excellence.

Artificial intelligence for hotels is unlike any other trend we have seen so far. Its massive scalability of personalisation and transformations towards operational-efficiency  gesturing a strategic investment. It is not merely an amenity, like wifi or online streaming services, nor a marketing gimmick, like green initiatives. 

As we mentioned in the previous blog, Using AI in hospitality is not a new phenomenon. 68% of people said they used common AI applications, but 41% were unaware that AI was a key component in these applications, according to a global study conducted by the University of Queensland, Australia. Hospitality industry has been directly exposed to it through everyday use of revenue management software and marketing tools enabled by AI. As the use of  AI continues to grow exponentially, it is only natural that its importance in the hospitality industry will increase. 

If we were to map the use of AI in hotels, this effort would be divided into three segments: pre-booking with AI, in-stay with AI, and post-stay with AI. Finally we draw a conclusion with an overview of our findings. 

Pre-booking with AI 

AI-driven platforms have the ability to enhance the pre-booking experience as guests consider their accommodation options. Through the leading AI-powered chatbot like, either on a separate communications channel or as a chat widget, guests receive instant responses to inquiries, personalised recommendations, and seamless booking processes. These chatbots leverage guest data to anticipate needs, perform upselling, suggesting amenities tailored to individuals. The integration of AI and the pre-booking process ensures that guests feel valued and understood, setting the stage for a memorable experience. 

Many hospitality giants are adopting A.I.-powered chatbots into their guest communication channels for operational efficiency and better revenue opportunities as their competitive strategy. Today, the accessibility of such chatbots is no longer limited to the big-name hotels, but has expanded to include smaller players in the hospitality industry.’s virtual concierge service, for example, takes 30 minutes to set up and integrates seamlessly into the commonly-used property management systems (PMSs). Not only that, it overcomes language barriers by offering multilingual capabilities to help communicate with guests.

Curious? See it in action right now!

In-stay with AI 

Smart rooms seamlessly integrate AI technology into the guest experience, offering a myriad of personalised and convenient features. For instance, AI-powered virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant are readily available to furnish guests with the ability to control room settings such as lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems through simple voice commands. This hands-free approach not only enhances guest experience but also significantly elevates comfort levels, thereby establishing a groundbreaking benchmark for in-room technology.

Moreover, AI contributes to safety and security by utilising facial recognition systems for seamless check-in and check-out processes, ensuring only authorised individuals access hotel facilities. Through surveillance, AI detects suspicious behaviour, creating a safe environment for guests to unwind and relax.

Intelligent housekeeping technology powered by A.I. can assess historical data and predict use-patterns to optimise housekeeping and maintenance resources. For the guest experience, this translates to better service capabilities and a seamless stay. 

In every moment of the stay,’s virtual concierge serves as the main channel for all communication touch points (general front desk help, taxi booking, service bookings, etc) between the hotel and the guests. It is integrated into Whatsapp for better engagement (compared to traditional channels like emails and sms) and directly into the hotel’s PMS for seamless incorporation. 

Post-stay with AI 

After guests check out, the virtual concierge’s ability to deliver exceptional experiences doesn’t end—it continues with the help of’s AI-driven Sentiment Analysis. This powerful tool allows us to gain valuable insights into our guests’ experiences, enabling us to address any signs of dissatisfaction promptly and effectively. Sentiment Analysis also helps us recognize moments of delight experienced by our guests. Whether it’s a heartfelt thank-you note or a glowing tone of voice, our AI systems can detect positive sentiment and prompt us to request reviews from satisfied customers.

By actively seeking feedback from happy guests, we not only amplify positive experiences but also encourage others to share their positive experiences with our brand. This proactive approach to guest engagement fosters a culture of excellence and memorable stays in hospitality experience. 

a picture of Whatsapp conversation between guest and AI chatbot


In wrapping up, it’s crystal clear: AI is the game-changer for hospitality. From tailored smart room experiences to bolstered safety protocols and streamlined guest communication, AI is the beacon, guiding hotels toward unparalleled service and efficiency.

Once guests have accustomed to the new ways of hospitality experiences with AI, Guests will increasingly expect and normalise AI-powered hospitality experiences. It is crucial to keep this insight in mind. AI is not just accompanying a segment of the stay, it is rapidly changing the way every step of the stay which was once structured and organised in a traditional hotel experience.

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