Enhancing Hotel Guest Experience with AI and WhatsApp Integration

The hospitality industry has seen a significant shift in communication methods, with email engagement rates plummeting. To address this, a new solution was introduced in the summer of 2022, focusing on automating repetitive tasks and enhancing guest engagement through WhatsApp.

The Problem with Email Communication

Email has become a less effective communication tool in the hospitality industry. The engagement rates are low, and many tools on the market only address small parts of the guest journey. This fragmentation leads to inefficiencies and missed opportunities for guest engagement.

The Solution: AI and WhatsApp Integration

The new solution leverages WhatsApp to automate repetitive tasks and improve guest engagement. The primary goals are to free up front desk staff to focus on in-house guests and to increase upsell opportunities, leading to happier guests.

Key Features

  1. Automated Repetitive Tasks: The system automates tasks such as online check-in, answering frequently asked questions, sending mobile keys, and housekeeping requests.
  2. Proactive Messaging: Messages are sent at key points during the guest journey, providing the right information at the right time.
  3. Multi-Channel Integration: While currently focused on WhatsApp, the system will integrate with other channels like Facebook Messenger, booking.com, and email.
  4. Language Support: The system can send messages in the guest’s language, enhancing the guest experience.


  • Increased Engagement: The system reaches 75% of bookings via WhatsApp, with over 50% of guests actively engaging.
  • Revenue Boost: The automated system generates approximately €50 per room per month in additional revenue.
  • High Guest Satisfaction: 92% of guests report an enhanced experience.

Implementation and Integration

The system integrates with property management systems (PMS) to collect guest data such as name, phone number, and check-in/check-out dates. This data is used to send timely messages and automate tasks.

Current Integrations

  • Digital Keys: Automates the process of issuing digital keys.
  • Attraction Bookings: Allows guests to book local attractions.
  • Airport Shuttles: Facilitates shuttle bookings.

Future Integrations

  • Task Managers: Directly notify the relevant department (e.g., housekeeping, maintenance) about guest requests.
  • Table Booking Systems: Check availability and make reservations in hotel restaurants.

Real-World Impact

In a recent case study, the system reached 284 bookings via WhatsApp in 30 days, with a 42% engagement rate. This led to over 700 messages exchanged and significant time savings for the front office staff.

In conclusion,

Runnr.ai provides a comprehensive solution for hotels seeking to implement AI and WhatsApp into their communication strategy. Automating repetitive tasks and personalising guest interactions can enhance the guest experience, increase revenue, and free up staff to focus on delivering exceptional service. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a demo, please contact us or book a demo.

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