The guest experience of the future enables the hospitality industry with AI-powered automation, creating seamless, personalised guest journeys that exceed expectations. is the hotel's secret ingredient for a seamless digital guest experience. serves as your travel companion, elevating each interaction and effortlessly organising all your requirements, whether within the hotel premises or beyond. is the hotel’s secret ingredient for a seamless digital guest experience.

Upon first contact with a hotel, springs into action by initiating conversations and offering immediate support. It bridges language barriers and resolves guest queries using AI and integrations. Instead of using traditional communication methods like phone calls and emails, guests can chat in real-time on popular communication channels like WhatsApp.

For the guest, is the reliable companion, providing service so natural that the line between technology and human touch blurs. We’ve designed to remove administrative work and enable hotels to create remarkable real-life experiences.
The dedication of hotel staff to guest satisfaction is amplified by our technology, which works behind the scenes. 

"Our promise is to continue leading in AI-driven technology hospitality services, with a focus on the guest's experience, ensuring every stay is memorable"

Michiel de Vor

Michiel de Vor

Founder & CEO

Our team members

Our team brings a wealth of experience in hospitality, technology, and operations. This unique blend has inspired us to create a that enables the hospitality industry to communicate with its guests in a future-proof way.


Michiel de Vor Co founder CEO
Steven Oliemans Co-founder CTO
Maarten Fugers Co-founder CPO
Frank van den Berg Commercial Executive

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