4 Simple Steps to Improve Your Hotel Check Out Process

Are you rushing to the airport only to be met with a frustrating hotel checkout process? Paperwork, unclear charges, payment issues, and lack of luggage assistance can turn an otherwise enjoyable stay into a stressful experience. No matter how memorable your trip, an inefficient checkout process can leave a lasting negative impression. We’ve all been there as travelers. A smooth checkout process is crucial for a positive guest experience and encourages guests to return to your hotel.

In this article, 

The Importance of a Good Hotel Checkout Process

Hotel checkout time usually occurs between 10 – 11 o’clock in the morning. Hoteliers often focus on the check-in process, which sets the tone for the stay, operational planning, and upselling opportunities. While check-in is essential, a good checkout process is equally important for leaving a lasting positive impression.

Benefits of an Efficient Hotel Checkout Process

A well-executed checkout process:

  • Enhances the guest’s overall journey
  • Increases guest loyalty
  • Identifies revenue opportunities
  • Gathers valuable feedback for future improvements

What Makes an Efficient Checkout Process?

An efficient checkout process is:

  1. Seamless: Eliminates unnecessary steps and confusion.
  2. Contactless: Utilizes technology to allow guests to check out without physical interaction.
  3. Foolproof: Ensures clarity and simplicity to prevent errors and frustration.

Poor communication and a disorganized checkout process can frustrate guests, resulting in lost repeat business opportunities. By implementing the following steps, you can enhance the guest experience, optimize the operational flow for front desk staff, and improve your hotel’s online reputation. 

4 Proven Steps to Improve Your Hotel Checkout Process

1. Automate Pre-checkout Notifications

To ensure a seamless checkout process, automating pre-checkout notification is highly recommended. Such notification may include 

  • checkout time, 
  • an outstanding balance and payment link, and 
  • a button to extend their stay, or a late checkout request.

Such proactive messaging prepares the guest for a swift checkout, reducing last minute rushes. It also reduces dissatisfaction that may arise with the confusion when left without sufficient information. 

Easy access to a request button for late checkout or extending stay increases upselling opportunities. Utilizing a virtual concierge like Runnr.ai, AI can automatically detect these opportunities and suggest upgrades, such as adding breakfast to the guest’s stay, or a taxi ride to the airport, before they depart. This not only enhances the guest experience but also drives additional revenue for the hotel.

Whatsapp Screenshot showing how Conversational AI works in sending pre-checkout notification

2. Automate Billing and Send a Digital Copy

With the right guest communication practices and streamlined operations, hoteliers can avoid confusion and handle complaints effectively. On the evening before checkout, it is now expected that the front desk will send a digital copy of the bill and a payment link for quick payment – and answer any questions. 

With the right tech stack, such an implementation is an easy fix. Runnr.ai integrated with most used property management systems (PMS) to automate such proactive messaging with Conversational AI. It also supports numerous payment system integrations, enabling guests to review and settle their bills in under three minutes. This reduces the workload at the front desk not only without compromising the quality, but while also improving the guest satisfaction. 

3. Introduce Contactless Express Checkout

Introduce a contactless express check-out option so that visitors can finish the check-out process without going to the front desk. The hotel’s mobile app, self-service kiosks, or automated email and SMS systems can all help with this. However, with the 98% open rate, Whatsapp has the most excellent position to get your messages across. 

By seamlessly integrating with the property management system (PMS), Runnr.ai enables guests to easily check out using an online link sent on Whatsapp.

4. Post Checkout Notification and Survey

In the hospitality industry today, gathering feedback and harnessing continuous improvement on the guest journey is more than essential. When the guest has checked out of a property, the hotel can send a post-checkout notification which contains a feedback form along with a heartfelt thank you note. 

This proactive approach not only enhances customer retention but also significantly improves guest satisfaction by demonstrating that the hotel values their opinions and experiences.

How Conversational AI Can Help Automate These Tasks

With Conversational AI, you can significantly enhance your hotel check-out process in just 30 minutes. This technology automates crucial steps, including sending pre-checkout notifications, digital billing, express check-out options, and post-checkout notifications with feedback forms.

Conversational AI also personalizes guest services by integrating with local taxi services for seamless airport transfers. It alleviates the stress of check-outs for both guests and front desk staff.

Additionally, the check-in process benefits from Conversational AI. Using Runnr.ai, the entire guest journey becomes more streamlined, ensuring top-notch customer service and a superior overall experience.

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